How much hair will a need for an install?

The amount of hair needed will depend on the length and thickness of your hair, and the type of extensions you are interested in. The average head of hair needs between 120-150 grams. If you have thinner hair you may only need 100-120 grams, whereas if you have thicker hair you may need up to 180-200 grams. Please keep in mind, these are estimated amounts as the amount of hair needed will vary.

Typically for a weave installation using Machine Wefts or Hand-Tied Wefts (4oz bundles), we recommend about 1-2 bundles for 18 inches or shorter. For 20 inches and longer, you may need anywhere from 2-4 bundles.

For a Fusion I-tip or Fusion U-tip installation or a Tape Hair installation, we recommend about 6-8 packs for a full head installation for length and volume. If you have thin hair, you may only need about 3-5 packs for a full head install. If you are just looking for volume or length, you may only need about 1-4 packs total.

For a Beaded Weft Row or Hand-Tied Row installation (2oz bundles), we recommend about 2-3+ packs for volume. For a full installation, we recommend about 3-4+ packs for length and volume.

For our Lace Clip-In Sets or Seamless Clip-In Sets, you may only need one set. However, depending on your haircut or thickness, you may an additional set to achieve a seamless look.

It's always better to purchase a little extra rather than not enough. You can always return any unopened packs or use any leftover for a future purchase. You can never have enough hair!

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