What is Virgin hair?

Here at Perfect Locks all of our hair is 100% Pure Remy Indian Hair straight from India, this means it is completely unprocessed and the cuticle is still intact and is going the same direction. All of our pieces are available in their Virgin state. To qualify as virgin hair, it must meet rigorous standards including: never permed, never dyed, never colored, never bleached, and never chemically processed in any way. We do not coat our hair with any type of silicone or any other coatings. We leave the natural tapered ends on the hair so all of our hair will measure about one to two inches longer than the listed length.

You will need to care for the hair like your own natural hair, including washing on a regular basis and using deep conditioners periodically. Even all of our colored extensions all start off virgin and have a natural texture/curl pattern. This means our hair can be flat ironed or heat can be applied and it will revert back to its natural texture. You can even go swimming with our hair!

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