What does Ethically Sourced mean?

At temples all over India, this hair is lovingly gathered and becomes the greatest, most beautiful hair in extensions, weaves and hairpieces to give confidence to women the world over. The return? The proceeds paid to the temples are reinvested into the community… Helping to fund schools, offer nutritional services and even to open medical clinics. This hair is sourced ethically. A gift of love… And of thanks.

But in a booming global market, the big business of hair extensions has created an equaling booming black market. Hair unethically sourced, even marketed as “Indian”, but in fact originating in China or Russia... Hair that is often mixed with synthetic hair or even animal hair! This hair often found cheaply online…found on Craigslist and eBay…even beauty supply stores is sourced from China, Russia, Ukraine, Peru Brazil. The origin is grim...

To read more about the importance of ethically sourced hair, please read this article on our blog.

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