Can I swim in this hair?

All of Perfect Locks hair is 100% human Indian remy hair, which means it is safe to swim with your extensions in. Swimming won't damage your hair extensions, but it's important to try to not have your extensions wet for too long. Typically, we recommend limiting water activities to 2 hours if you are wearing extensions.

When it comes to saltwater or chlorine, we do suggest that you use a swim cap and/or braiding your hair before getting into the water.

For the best results, you will want to wet your hair with clean water, apply a small amount of conditioner, and pull the hair back prior to swimming. This will create a protective layer between your hair and the harsh chemicals of the pool. It is important to wash and clarify the hair with shampoo and conditioner immediately after swimming. A deep conditioner may be necessary depending on how dry the hair is.

Please note, we do not recommend swimming with any type of clip-in extensions installed as this method can cause tangling with your natural hair.

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